CPDF III Certification . . . 

You can master collaborative forecasting approaches, S&OP process and business integration practices by completing an additional 50 hour curriculum beyond CPDF_II;  20 hours for a two-day Instructor-led, hands-on, professional development workshop. After completing the CPDF III workshop, you can qualify for a certification designation by completing six (6) self-paced, e-learning workshops combined with self study. There are no prerequisites for the training Workshop. However, job related topics are covered at a more advanced level.

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Day 1


Instructor-led Hands-on Training Workshop

9:00 AM 

Part 1 - The Demand Forecasting and Planning Process in the Supply Chain

  • Concepts of Change and Chance for capturing modeling and uncertainty in demand forecasting
  • Role of demand forecasting in the supply chain
  • Contrasting simple, complicated and complex processes
  • Understanding the respective roles of demand forecasters, demand planners, and demand managers
  • Establishing a Budget forecasting cycle for a forecasting simulation game
  • The PEER model
  •  Internal and external drivers of demand (good factors)



Workshop 28: Targeting the Business Environment for a Rolling Budgeting Process


Coffee/Tea Break



Part II - A Data Framework for Creating a Forecast Decision Support System

  • Ways to characterize demand
  • Types of activity being forecast
  • Budget data for a rolling forecast
  • Lead-times and rolling forecast horizons
  • The on demand dashboard and forecasting system
  • Who is the customer?: Determining forecasting requirements by organization
  • Internal factors likely to influence forecasting
  • Establishing a database framework for efficient storage and retrieval of data and information
    Computer Workshop 29: Understanding the Data Structure in the Rolling Forecast Simulation Game



Part III - Creating Rolling Baseline Forecasts for a Budget Forecasting Cycle

  • Improving the quality of data in preparation of a statistical forecast
  • Selecting the appropriate aggregation level at which statistical forecasts are to be generated
  • Using a statistical forecasting engine to create unconstrained rolling baseline forecasts
  • Allocating unit and revenue forecasts to lowest levels: SKU and customer/locations
  • Recognizing the implications of making subjective judgments and overrides to multi-level forecasts




Computer Workshop 30: Adjusting Baseline Forecasts With Managed Overrides

    Part IV - Goals and Objectives of the Forecast Simulation Game with a 12-month Horizon

Coffee/Tea Break


Submission of First Rolling Forecast


Start of Second Rolling Forecast (six months remaining)

 Day 2

9:00 AM 

Part V Bias and Precision: Establishing Forecast Error Metrics With Statistical Models

  • Defining bias and precision as the basis for determining forecast accuracy
  • Interpreting prediction limits in statistical models and predictive visualizations
  • Indentifying accuracy measures for evaluating demand forecasts
  • Defining Key Performance Indicators (KPI) for uses of forecasts

Computer Workshop 31:  Handling Exceptions: How To Use Evaluation Criteria To Measure Forecasting Performance



Coffee/Tea Break



Submission of Second Rolling Forecast


Start of Third Rolling Forecast (three months remaining)






Submission of Final Rolling Forecast



Coffee/Tea Break


Team Presentations



Part VI - Recap of Simulation Game and Presentation of Game Awards


After you complete this two-day instructor-led workshop, you can earn the CPDF III certification designation by completing six (6) self-paced computer workshop exercises re-enforcing the management principles, forecasting agility and best practices used by demand forecasters worldwide. Upon completion of this phase your CPDF III designation will increase your proficiency and stay competitive in your discipline, while enhancing your salary opportunities of your chosen profession. .


Self-paced e-Learning  Workshops


Data Framework Checklist for Forecast Decision Support Systems


Data Quality Checklist


Forecast Modeling Checklist


Forecast Model and Accuracy Assessment Checklist


Sales & Operations/IBP Checklist


Forecast Management Checklist

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